Vendor Management

Some full-service private investigation firms specializing in insurance-defense related investigations have blurred the line between truly managing an SIU program and managing a company's vendor panel. Llorente SIU was one of the first Contract SIU providers to clarify the process of vendor management and offer the insurance industry a "No Conflict of Interest" option for managing their outsourced private investigation vendors. Since we do not have a field investigation division to support, you never have to worry that we will be trying to up-sell additional field or investigation services. Our only priority is to ensure that your field investigation vendors provide you with the best Return-On-Investment possible.

Annual costs for surveillance and field investigation services can be significant. Proper management of your field investigation services will result in improved investigation results, stronger relationships with your vendors and better alignment with your expectations. Llorente SIU's Vendor Management service is a proven program to help you eliminate headaches, reduce risk and increase return from your investigative budget.

Let Llorente SIU:

  • Establish, implement and maintain your vendor due diligence process to ensure that your field investigators are properly licensed and insured
  • Help claims handlers find quality field investigative vendors in areas where no established relationships exist
  • Establish and enforce your investigation vendor service guidelines
  • Gather and supply appropriate metrics to help you understand and optimize your existing vendor relationships

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