Our Success

Llorente SIU clients see an average increase of 125% in the number of criminal fraud cases filed by prosecutors in the first year alone. Our clients see even greater increases in subsequent years as we ramp up our Contract SIU programs.

Over the 20 years Llorente SIU has been in business, we have helped our clients see:

  • An Increase in Successful Insurance Fraud Prosecutions
  • An Increase in Court-Awarded Restitution
  • More Savings to their Company's Bottom Line

We also help reduce outside field investigation costs by an average of almost 30% for those clients who use our vendor management program. Our Contract SIU clients have never failed any Department of Insurance SIU audit and we’re on track to help claim more than $1 million in court-ordered restitution for our clients this year.

Our success rate is unmatched in the industry. For information on how our Contract SIU programs and services can help you, call (800) 371-3171.