Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Without the right analytical tools, discovering useful knowledge hidden in huge volumes of raw data represents a formidable task. Llorente SIU's data mining and predictive analytics technology helps insurance carriers, third party administrators, and self-insured companies to spot fraud and abuse the moment it emerges. This can provide important early intervention by the SIU, before losses accumulate and grow.

Our predictive models integrate data from many sources, and analyze hundreds of data points simultaneously to identify variations, patterns and trends missed by other systems. Our models provide complex analysis that rules-based systems simply can't deliver. Our system continuously monitors claims data, underwriting and policy data, and medical treatment and billing data, to ensure that all forms of suspect activity are identified and investigated promptly and thoroughly.

Detecting emerging fraud activity quickly and accurately is an important way of focusing investigative resources where they will provide the greatest financial return. For more information on how your company can leverage our technology solutions as an important part of your fraud program, call us today at (800) 371-3171.