Comprehensive SIU Program

As your Contract SIU provider, we design and implement a Comprehensive SIU Program for managing your company's anti-fraud plan. Our experience and expertise will assure that you stay in compliance with all regulatory requirements and reduce your costs with savings from efficient management of your SIU program. We have listed below some of the component SIU products that are available as contract services:

Anti-Fraud Training - Our program managers conduct customized 2-hour SIU training sessions for your integral anti-fraud personnel at your facility. We ensure that all sessions are compliant with various state SIU regulation requirements. Some sessions are certified for continuing education.

SIU Auditing - We conduct onsite audits to ensure your personnel are correctly identifying red flag events and following your company's anti-fraud plan for regulatory compliance.

Reporting - Our SIU specialists can provide Compliance Reports for each state needed on your behalf. We also provide internal reports for your management team. Our program manager will identify and structure a reporting schedule to meet your company's specific needs.

Investigative Analysis & Referral - We analyze individual suspect claim files and determine if the evidence exists to prepare the case as a criminal referral to law enforcement for the prosecution of insurance fraud and other related crimes.

Vendor Management - We can help your company ensure that your current field investigative vendor panel is properly licensed and insured, and that they meet all best practice standards.

Advanced Data Mining & Predictive Analysis - Our technology platform will provide early identification of fraud trends and suspect activities. It can also help control costs by focusing activity on those claims.

If your company personnel are not correctly identifying and addressing suspect activities, you are wasting valuable resources. By partnering with Llorente SIU, your anti-fraud personnel will have easy access to qualified SIU specialists who can answer your questions and provide the information you need to fight fraud effectively. Let Llorente SIU show you how a properly managed SIU program can provide peace of mind and very real cost reductions and savings.