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Have you ever wondered why your insurance fraud cases don't get filed?

If your criminal cases aren't getting filed, you are wasting both time and money. Getting criminal cases filed with a busy prosecutor is both an art and a science. Experience has taught us that several things can be done to significantly increase the chances of getting a properly packaged case filed. If your company is frustrated by low arrest rates, Llorente SIU can help. To help your company obtain the best results possible, Llorente SIU has compiled a report entitled "The Most Important Improvements To Make In Investigating, Packaging and Presenting Suspect Cases to Law Enforcement." To receive your copy of the summary, use the blue form to sign up for our Better Arrest Rates report.

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Better Arrest Rates

Our SIU specialists are experienced insurance investigators and former law enforcement officials with a complete understanding of how to investigate, analyze and refer cases of insurance fraud for successful prosecution. We know how hard it can be to get busy state prosecutors to pay attention to a suspect claim, provider, employer or vendor. We also know that improving your arrest rates can be an important cost cutting strategy. Llorente's Contract SIU services have saved our clients money, year-after-year, with a track record of successful prosecutions that is unparalleled in the insurance industry. It is important in today's economy to have cost-effective plans in place for exploring the prosecution potential for all suspect matters.

If you are frustrated by low arrest rates, Llorente SIU can help. Your employees may not have the necessary skills to identify and deal with suspect events as they occur. Our SIU specialists can provide training at your place of business for your key anti-fraud personnel. It is important for your employees to understand the best strategies for implementing your company's anti-fraud policies, procedures, and best practices so that they can maximize all opportunities to reduce fraud losses and increase fraud arrest rates. You can use the convenient Call Us Now feature at the top of our web page to speak directly with a SIU specialist about improving your company's arrest rates for insurance fraud.

Better arrest rates lead to an increase in convictions. More convictions lead to an increase in awards for restitution. Not doing the right thing can waste your company's valuable resources. We have compiled a summary of the most important improvements that a company can make in investigating, packaging and presenting cases to law enforcement to maximize the chance for arrest, conviction, and court-awarded restitution.If you would like a copy of the latest tips for improving your arrest and conviction statistics, use the form above to sign up for our Better Arrest Rates report.