Bad Faith Litigation

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Surveillance and field investigation can be important tools for developing critical evidence in insurance fraud cases. They can also be a source of great liability for an insurance carrier if the investigations (and the vendors who conduct them) are not properly managed. Your company must have the proper precautions in place to ensure that your vendors are not engaging in practices which could lead to allegations of bad faith, and result in costly litigation. We've compiled a report of the most important steps that a company can take to make certain that they are properly protected from actions taken - or not taken - by vendors. To receive a copy of this important information, use the blue form above and sign up for our Important Protections Against Bad Faith Litigation report.

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Bad Faith Litigation can be time consuming and expensive. Contracting your SIU services with Llorente SIU will protect your company from an investigative vendors' actions or inactions. In most Vendor Management programs, the responsible firm ends up referring assignments to their own investigators and driving revenues to their own field investigations division. Llorente SIU is free from this conflict-of interest. Our "Contract SIU" specialists are always clearly and singularly focused on your company's best interest.

Never let a poorly managed vendor program cause your company bad publicity or damage the relationship you have with your customers. No company wants to be accused of acting in bad faith when responding to a claim, nor do they want the expense of the lengthy litigation that usually follows. Your vendor case assignments should never be based on captive referrals. Since Llorente SIU does not have a Field Investigations Division to support, our SIU specialists can make assignments and manage your company's vendor panel with improved effectiveness.