Special Investigations Unit

Llorente SIU is the nation's leading Contract SIU services provider to the insurance industry with over 20 years of experience fighting insurance fraud. Our investigative technologies provide you with proven methods to detect suspect claims, refer packaged cases and successfully prosecute insurance fraud. We streamline complex management processes and ensure that your SIU program is free of any conflict of interest. As your contract SIU firm, Llorente SIU can help your company save time and money with efficient anti-fraud policies and procedures. We can:

Design and implement custom anti-fraud programs that help your company:

  • Reduce and prosecute insurance fraud
  • Keep your company in compliance with all applicable SIU regulations and requirements

Provide state-of-the-art technology solutions to:

  • Help your employees identify and fight insurance fraud
  • Better manage your company's outsourced investigative vendors

Improve the prosecution success of suspect claims by:

  • Working up criminal cases of insurance fraud
  • Handling those cases all the way through the prosecution and restitution phases

We are a highly skilled, well-trained and experienced team of SIU specialists. All of our specialists have either a law degree or former law enforcement experience at either the local, state or federal level. Our team also has extensive experience fighting insurance fraud in the private sector as well. Llorente SIU has one of the highest rates for successful prosecution of fraud in the insurance industry. Let us design, implement and manage a comprehensive contract SIU program for your company. Use our website's convenient Call Us Now feature or dial 1-800-371-3171 to have all of your questions answered.

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Nationwide Comprehensive SIU Solutions

Llorente SIU provides innovative Contract SIU solutions to insurance companies in all 50 states. The expertise of our team of SIU specialists and Program Managers is extensive. Our prosecution success rate is one of the highest in the insurance industry, and we have saved our clients millions in court-ordered restitution. Llorente SIU can design and implement a comprehensive SIU program for your company.

  • Our innovative solutions will help you: (a) reduce and prosecute fraud, (b) stay in compliance with all applicable reporting and training requirements, and (c) better manage outsourced investigative vendors.
  • Our predictive analytics will help you identify suspect events early in the claim, resulting in substantial cost containment and mitigation.
  • Our management of your SIU programs will help you ensure that no conflict of interest exists in the investigative assignments for Vendor Panel.
  • Our customizable Fraud Detection Training Programs will provide your employees with the knowledge needed to fight fraud effectively. Our training personnel will deliver customized anti-fraud training based on your company's policies, procedures and best practices.

If you manage your company's SIU budget, contact Llorente SIU for additional information. See for yourself how a more efficient approach to managing your SIU program can reduce operating costs. Let Llorente SIU keep your company's SIU program on track. You can use our website's convenient features to Call Us Now or Contact Us by email to learn more about our Contract SIU services.

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